Is it hot enough for you?

We are sure you will get your share of warmth, just the way you like it. Either you enjoy the comfortable temperature and high air humidity in the steam room or you crave the heat in our sauna. Whatever you choose, it will be a treat for your body as a visit to the sauna is not just the perfect topping for mountain experiences but also helps you to leave the everyday behind, to relax, unwind and simply enjoy the moment. The endorphins will rush through your body and stimulate your circulation. This procedure invigorates you for the next day when you explore new favourite places in the PillerseeTal and hit the trails to spot the unique wildlife of the region.

All-Suite apartments with sauna

Your muscles are tired after a day in the mountains. Your body needs some rest after the activity, whether you discovered new perspectives from the saddle of your bike or explored nature by foot or rode downhill on your skis. At All-Suite you can recharge your batteries. Cuddle into your cosy bathrobe and visit our sauna or steam-bath.

The temperature has not risen enough? Then visit our gym. Modern machines and room for your personal workout help you to sweat and get fit. 

A place to relax

Wellness does not have the same meaning for everyone. For some it’s the sensation of a warm summer wind on the skin. For others it is the fragrant scent of the forest. For many it is a sauna visit. At All-Suite we enhance your spa experience with sauna and steam room and for those who find their inner peace outdoors the nature of the PillerseeTal provides peaceful scenery, unspoilt landscape and many places to breath deep and give your energy level a boost. 

Quality time
in high altitude.